Let there be Air!

Let there be air! (Or at least fans 😃) We battled through the heat of the Ecuadorian summer, even with classes starting at 8 am, but soon decided that another donation to the Community Center was in order. Thanks to all of the students participating in our vacation program, Trifecta Arts was able to purchase fans […]

Celebration 10-17-2018_0595 square smaller

Celebration and Certificates

On October 18, we had a wonderful celebration recognizing the important role arts education plays in the lives of young students. Students received certificates, local artists created new works live during the celebration, and community leaders spoke to parents about the special opportunities that their children were receiving. Anne Koho, Trifecta Arts Founder and ballet […]

Olon Ballet Blog Mirrors After 4

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Through community donations and a matching gift from Trifecta Arts, a full wall of mirrors was installed in the Olón Community Center to improve our dance environment. We transitioned from one wobbly standing mirror on rollers, to high quality mirrors that allow the entire group to observe their ballet positions and movements. When studying a […]

TA BD party 04-07-2018_0199 square small

Happy 1st Birthday, Trifecta Arts!

No birthday is complete without a party! Cake, balloons and children from the Santa Maria Orphanage created the perfect combination of fun for Trifecta Arts’ first birthday celebration. As “they”say, time flies when you’re having fun and the past 12 months have been more fun-filled than I could have imagined. After incorporating Trifecta Arts as […]

TA Pres Tamayo Performance -02-03-2018_0085 square

First Time on Stage

The Trifecta Arts Ballet Program performance by the students of President Tamayo School was a beautiful event highlighted by the lovely dancers. The younger dancers (grades 2-4) were radiant in bright pink custom-made tutus and danced to music from the ballet “Coppelia.” The older dancers (grades 5-6) wore elegant blue custom-made tutus for their choreography set […]