Let there be Air!

Let there be air! (Or at least fans 😃) We battled through the heat of the Ecuadorian summer, even with classes starting at 8 am, but soon decided that another donation to the Community Center was in order. Thanks to all of the students participating in our vacation program, Trifecta Arts was able to purchase fans […]

Dec Perf F

Ballet in the Park, Ecuadorian Style

During the twice weekly ballet classes sponsored by Trifecta Arts,  the students began learning choreographed dances for a performance during Olón’s annual celebration in December. Through the incredible generosity of two of Ms. Koho’s former employers in Minnesota – Larkin Dance Studio and Summit Dance Shoppe – every dancer (70+) had a brand-new pair of […]

Celebration 10-17-2018_0595 square smaller

Celebration and Certificates

On October 18, we had a wonderful celebration recognizing the important role arts education plays in the lives of young students. Students received certificates, local artists created new works live during the celebration, and community leaders spoke to parents about the special opportunities that their children were receiving. Anne Koho, Trifecta Arts Founder and ballet […]

Olon Ballet Blog Mirrors After 4

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Through community donations and a matching gift from Trifecta Arts, a full wall of mirrors was installed in the Olón Community Center to improve our dance environment. We transitioned from one wobbly standing mirror on rollers, to high quality mirrors that allow the entire group to observe their ballet positions and movements. When studying a […]

Olon Ballet blog 1B square

Growing Ballerinas in Olón

It all started in a small room that was used for music lessons and expanded so quickly that we moved to the main Community Building within 3 weeks. Initially advertised as free ballet classes for children 6 years and older, we had 5 students in the first class – – ages 4-14! (The little sisters […]

TA BD party 04-07-2018_0199 square small

Happy 1st Birthday, Trifecta Arts!

No birthday is complete without a party! Cake, balloons and children from the Santa Maria Orphanage created the perfect combination of fun for Trifecta Arts’ first birthday celebration. As “they”say, time flies when you’re having fun and the past 12 months have been more fun-filled than I could have imagined. After incorporating Trifecta Arts as […]

TA Pres Tamayo Performance -02-03-2018_0085 square

First Time on Stage

The Trifecta Arts Ballet Program performance by the students of President Tamayo School was a beautiful event highlighted by the lovely dancers. The younger dancers (grades 2-4) were radiant in bright pink custom-made tutus and danced to music from the ballet “Coppelia.” The older dancers (grades 5-6) wore elegant blue custom-made tutus for their choreography set […]

TA Shoe Donations – Jan 2018_0173

From Bare Feet to Ballet Slippers

After months of dancing in socks or barefooted, the dancers at the Olon Orphanage feel pretty special in their new ballet shoes! It was an entirely different ballet class this week with all of the dancers in professional quality leather ballet shoes for the first time!  The feet were more pointed and the releve’s were higher…I […]

Anahi and Miss Anne-small

Olón Orphanage adopts Ms. Anne

Perched atop a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, like a scene from a movie, sits the Santa Maria Orphanage.  Young minds, bodies and souls are welcomed here when they have no other place to go. Once they arrive, they generally stay until their 18th birthday. Very few are adopted due to restrictive laws and unwillingness […]

FHR Music -10-16-2017 iphone 4 small

Strike Up The NEW Band!

In a school that just lost it’s music teacher, Trifecta Arts is beginning a new program to teach interested students the fundamentals of music. Francisco Huerta Rendon School in Salinas, Ecuador had a music program that consisted of glockenspiels and snare drums. It was limited to the older students and had to be discontinued when […]


Trifecta Achieved!

It’s a TRIFECTA for Trifecta Arts in Ecuador! That’s right – THREE arts programs underway at the same time covering all THREE of our target educational genres … Ballet, Art and now Music. It gives me goosebumps, an adrenaline burst and tears of joy to realize that this has happened in less than THREE months […]

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Ballet Blossoms in Ecuador

It’s really hard to describe how excited and delighted I am to announce Trifecta Arts’ first ballet program. I dreamed of it, searched for it, and now we are on the threshold. Beginning in September 2017 and culminating with a final performance in early 2018, 50 young girls will experience their first ever ballet training. […]

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Art Program Draws on Local Talent

Trifecta Arts is proud to partner with the Francisco Huerta Rendon School in Salinas, Ecuador. This public school, located on the southwestern coast of Ecuador, has over 600 students in grades 1-10. We are fortunate to have the full support of the school’s Director, Sonia Monserrate, to offer free art classes before and after school. […]

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The Journey Begins: Salinas, Ecuador

I’m accustomed to taking multi-week vacations, but my first two weeks here in Ecuador could not be described as such. There is, of course, the stunning Pacific Ocean view from my balcony paired with a lovely mile-long malecon (boardwalk) that hugs the beach bordering Salinas Bay.  Add to that scene the invigorating morning walks, fresh […]


Naming Trifecta Arts

Every new life needs an identity. Babies, puppies, goldfish and nonprofits. But I knew the name of this endeavor needed to have meaning, be inspirational, and avoid any (awkward international) misunderstandings, all without being dry and boringly descriptive. So the brainstorming began…. and after literally dozens of possibilities were generated, researched and shared with friends, […]

Ballet Slippers on Grunge Wall Texture www.LukeStudios.com

Trifecta Arts is born

Elizabeth Gilbert (best-selling author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic) says that ideas float and swirl around in the universe, looking for available and willing human beings. If the human is ready to accept the idea, care for it, see if grow, then it stays. If the human isn’t ready, ignores or pushes the idea away, it […]