Our success is measured by the lives we impact, which is directly related to the donations we receive. As we progress, we will report on individual initiatives and impacted schools.

As a donor, you are a critical component of our success. We will publish the names of our top donors, unless you prefer anonymity.

If there is a special person who has had a significant impact on your life, consider dedicating a donation on behalf or in memory of them. What a wonderful way to link your past to the future success of others!


Funds Raised

2017: $ 17,963

2018: $ 9,785

2019: $ 3,600

2020: $9,160

2021: $6,437

2022: $9,455 (thru 9/30)

Top Donors

Mike and Erin Strommen Family
Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Steele II
Larkin Dance Studio
Summit Dance Shoppe
The Baranivsky Family
Christine & Grant Young
Catherine Cruikshank
April Johnson
Linda Muir-Finney
Resurgence Intensive
Andrea Wolf Franks
The Ganz Family
James and Christine Erker
The Englert Family
Mary Goltz
Dr. Jonathan and Natalie Larson
Bodil Forsling
Amy Etten
Dr. Jill Ash, DDS
Emily Schmitz
Cara and Anna Galioto
Anne White
Laura and Haley Ritter

Dedicated to

Renee Anker                       $200

Ashley Henningsen         $5,813

Shirley Larkin                     $6,101

Mary Steele McCann    $125